EN- International Competition for Young Pianists “Dimitar Nenov”



October 24th-27th 2022 – Razgrad, Bulgaria

І. Conditions for participation

1. The right to participate
The competition is open to Bulgarian and foreign pianists in the age group from 16 up to 30 years of age.

2. Required documents:

- Application form, like the attached sample form  
- A copy of a Birth certificate 
- A portrait photo
- Autobiography  

3. The documents must be sent to the following address:
7200 Razgrad, p. box 162, 70 “Aprilsko Vastanie” Blv.
Regional Museum of History – for the competition
or to the following e-mail: pegas_rz@abv.bg

4. Deadline for sending the applications:
October 1st  2022

5. Participation fee:
100 BGN (50 EURO)
The fee must be deposited at the secretariat of the competition on the day of the candidate’s registration.

6. The candidates will receive a confirmation for participation and a schedule of the rehearsals after 1.10.2022.   
          N. B.: Documents and fees are not refundable.
ІІ. Competition Programme
          The candidates compete in three rounds:
          First round:
  1. Each of the candidates must prepare the competition’s obligatory pieces “Prelude” and “Staccato” from “Miniatures” by Dimitar Nenov.
  2. The candidates must present first part of one of the following piano concerts with a second piano:
- Mozart – Piano and Orchestra Concerto by choice;
- Beethoven – Piano and Orchestra Concertos from № 1 up to № 5;
- Mendelssohn – Piano and Orchestra Concertos № 1 and № 2;
- Schumann – Piano and Orchestra Concerto in A-minor;
- Chopin – Piano Concerts № 1 and № 2;
- Grieg – Piano and Orchestra Concerto in A-minor;
- Liszt – Piano and Orchestra Concertos № 1 and № 2;
- Liszt – Hungarian fantasy;  
- Brahms – Piano Concerts № 1 and № 2;
- Tchaikovsky – Piano and Orchestra Concerto № 1;
- Rachmaninoff – Piano and Orchestra Concerto № 2;
- Ravel – Piano and Orchestra Concerto in G-major;
- Veselin Stoyanov- Piano and Otchestra Concerto № 2 and 3;
- Milcho Leviev- Piano and Orchestra Variations on a Theme by Corelli.

3. If the candidate is competing in the competition for Best performance of a piece by Dimitar Nenov, they should choose one of his following piano pieces: 
- Variations;
- Toccata;
- Miniatures;
Second round:
1.  The jury selects the candidates, allowed to compete in the second round.
2.  The second-round candidates rehearse together with a symphony orchestra. After that they perform in front of a jury the chosen first part of the one piano concert with an orchestra.
Third round:
  1. Three of the candidates from the second round who give the best performance will be allowed to continue through to the third round.
  2. After the rehearsal the entire piano concert should be performed with the symphony orchestra in front of the jury.  
  3. Three of the candidates from the first round, who are allowed to go on, also participate in the third round and compete for the best performance of a piece of their choice by Dimitar Nenov. 
N. B.:
  1. It is required that all the pieces in the competition programme must be performed by heart.
  2. The candidates who will play a piano concert and a piece by Dimitar Nenov can choose alone the order of the performed works.
ІІІ. Jury and assessment  
          The participants in the Seventh International Competition for Young Pianists “Dimitar Nenov” will be assessed by a jury of recognised conductors and pianists from Bulgaria and abroad.   
          The jury’s method of assessment will be realized in accordance to their regulations, approved before the beginning of the competition.
          The decisions of the jury are final.
ІV. Rehearsals and performances  
          Each competitor will be given the opportunity for rehearsals and a 10-minute acoustic rehearsal at the audition hall.
          The order of the competition performances will be determined by drawing a lot and will remain the same until the end of the competition.
V. Prizes
          1-st prize – 2 000 BGN
          2-nd prize –1 500 BGN
          3-rd prize – 1000 BGN
          A prize for Best performance of a piece by Dimitar Nenov – 1 200 BGN
The awarded pianists will take part in a final Gala concert with a symphony orchestra on October 27th 2022.
          The awarded competitors will receive invitations for performing in concerts with symphonic orchestras.  
VІ. Organization
  1. The travel and accommodation costs will be at the expense of the participants in the competition. 
  2. All of the competitors must come for registration to Razgrad’s Philharmonic hall on October 24th 2022. 
  3. The participants must bring with them sheet music for second piano.
  4. The second piano performer will be ensured by the event organizers
VІІ. For additional information
+359 878 901 431 – Regional Museum of History - Razgrad
+359 878 340 – 467, +359 884 88 6823 – Razgrad’s Philharmoic Orchestra „Prof. D. Nenov”

1. Application Form- (download)

2. Dimitar Nenov- (download)
3. Dimitar Nenov- 5 miniatures (download)